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A well-known comedian recently said this about beliefs: "I have a lot of beliefs .... And I live by none of them. That's just the way I am. They're just my beliefs. I just like believing them - I like that part. They're my little 'believies.' They make me feel good about who I am. But if they get in the way of a thing I want, I [sure as heck just do what I want to do]."

Honest, but sad - and an accurate depiction of human nature. Being a person of your word is important. The quickest way to negatively impact trust is by not following up on your commitments - legal, moral, family, financial, and relationship commitments, as examples.

Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines have to trust their leaders and each other if they are to fully commit to the mission. It's not enough to give your word - without corresponding action, your words are meaningless. I have to know that my teammates have my back.

This is absolutely true in our walk of faith as well.

The apostle James said "So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead." - James 2:17.

Just hearing God's Word without acting on it has a detrimental effect on our lives. God didn't give us His Word so we might become fat and happy consumers. It's important to read and study God's Word, but without action it means nothing. That's what the Pharisees did, and because they did not put God's Word into action, Jesus rebuked them for their hypocrisy.

Without love, it means nothing. Without forgiveness, it means nothing. Without kindness, compassion, and generosity, it means nothing. Only with actions will your faith be genuine.

Be a person who keeps your commitments as a leader and a child of the Most High - and you'll see countless areas of your life experience victory.

Leader Prayer: "Lord, you gave us your words as a guide for our lives and to help us know your son, Jesus. Help me to to be not just a hearer of your word, but a doer of your word - may my stated intent be backed by corresponding action!"

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