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Upon return from deployment we face all new sleep patterns, meal schedules, work schedules, surroundings, neighbors, laws, and things to fix around the house. Simply put, there is a lot of change. It’s a new season, and much like adjusting to life in the mobilized environment, simple things seem hard. We can look to God for help as we navigate this new season. Anything of lasting value in this life and the life to come comes through the work and person of the Holy Spirit in us. God invites you to consider His way of living – one that doesn’t require us to consume all of our energy, skill, know-how, charm, or good luck to get to mission success.

Soldiers navigate across a creek during a dismounted patrol in the Nerkh Valley, Afghanistan, June 4, 2009. US Army photo by Staff Sgt. Richard Roman

Similar to when we navigate on the ground with the use of GPS, God provides with a guidance system through the Holy Spirit. We all want to be led to two places: truth[1] and peace[2]. This is the means by which we'll get there, if we'll live by faith.   How? Trusting that God will do what He promises is a good start. Faith connects you from where you are to where He is taking you, in spite of your circumstances. Reading God's word, prayer, getting to church, and fellowshipping with like-minded believers, and making a full commitment to following Jesus. Where to start? Read the Gospel of John, which reveals the love of God for you through His son. Visual learner? One of my favorite resources is The Bible Project (John's Gospel is here: Start somewhere and God will illuminate truth to your heart. As a wise leader told me, "do something lest you do nothing." May you be blessed to love, know, and serve God, to walk in the grace freely given through the work of Jesus death on the cross, and to be led by the Holy Spirit!

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