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"In the desert of life the wise travel by caravan, while the fool prefers to travel alone." - Bedouin Proverb

The desert is one of nature's harshest environments. The vast wilderness where we find ourselves has great potential to consume its inhabitants - if you'll let it...

The manner in which you cope with this hardship is a vital component to getting through the deployment.

The key to thriving is knowing the land, making the most of its resources, and not getting cut off. Just as the children of Israel were delivered from captivity through the desert and into the promised land, God is faithful to provide for you!

The view 100 meters from my quarters on Camp Arifjan

The environment here in Kuwait is challenging, but with modern conveniences of air conditioning, wi-fi, free chow, and sturdy quarters, we can protect ourselves from the elements. Eventually, you find your way around and settle in, and before long it passes for a temporary home. 

It's hot, but our water source is unlimited. It's windy, but we've got equipment to protect us. It's desolate, but our Netflix accounts, the USO and the gym provide some relief...

The greatest threat we face is cutting ourselves off from a source of spiritual support. Just as water is essential to desert survival, so are relationships with those who will lift us up and encourage us when the environment is beating us down. Get to a recurring worship service or gathering of believers so you can be filled with life-giving teaching from the Bible. Gather regularly with those who are like-minded regarding God's word and the work of the cross. If you don't know anyone at church, bring a friend, or better yet, shoot me a note and I'll get you connected. Don't put it off - start planning now - to stay away is equal to refusing to nourish yourself at the oasis when it's right in front of you.

Be encouraged:  Your willingness to drink from the source of true life will sustain you and help you thrive. Just as the Bedouins have survived for millennia by knowing the land and making the most of their resources, you can thrive in this environment by linking arms with brothers and sisters who have the same needs as you, and together taking those needs before the Lord. He has promised good to those who trust in Him and walk according to His will, and He often uses people as the means of fulfilling that promise.

LEADER PRAYER: Lord, you led your Children out of captivity towards the promised land. But along the way, an extended stay in the desert caused them to question what the waiting meant for them. Help us look to you daily to provide for our needs, to guide us by the light of your spirit, and lead us in the path of life. Amen.

Blessings on your week --

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