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When Mike Kollin was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and a graduate of Auburn University, his former college coach, Shug Jordan, asked him if he would do some recruiting for him.

Mike said, “Sure, coach. What kind of player are you looking for?”

The coach said, “Well, Mike, you know there’s that guy, when you knock him down, he just stays down?”

Mike said, “We don’t want him, do we, coach?”

“No, that’s right. Then there’s that the other guy, you knock him down and he gets up, but you knock him down again and he stays down.”

Mike answered, “We don’t want him either, do we, coach?”

Coach said, “No, but Mike, there’s that one guy, you knock him down, he gets up. Knock him down, he gets up again. Knock him down and he gets up again. Knock him down and he just keeps getting up again and again.”

Mike said, “That’s the guy we want, isn’t it coach?”

The coach answered, “No, we don’t want him either. I want you to find that guy who’s knocking all the others down. That’s the guy we want!"

Success and excellence are never achieved by simply rising to the status quo, giving minimum effort, merely showing up at formation, or just passing time bent at the neck with your face in your phone. Hard work lends dignity to our lives and is a form of worship to God.

Excellence, in addition to a good self-care plan, is the product of consistently giving 100%. The Scripture tells us, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

LEADER PRAYER: Father in heaven, help me to rise above the status quo and pursue excellence both in my work, my duties as a father and husband, and in my service to You. Amen.

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